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“Forget About World Peace . . . visualize using your turning signal.”

Though every state is different, one universal truth is that all tickets remain on your record for five years and affect your insurance rates for three.

Ticket Classifications: These tickets are divided into 3 classifications: minor, major and serious convictions, including criminal acts. All ticket classifications, regardless of demerit points, have the potential to affect your insurance rate.

Parking Tickets: Parking tickets do not affect your driving license, insurance record, and do not appear on your driver record.
The consequence of not paying a parking ticket means that your license plate will not be renewed. In other words, you will not be able to get your renewal “sticker”.

Minor, Major and Serious Tickets: though laws differ from state to state, here’s a list of ticket classifications that affect your insurance rate for minor, major, serious, and criminal convictions:

Minor Tickets
•    Crowding Driver’s Seat
•    Defective Brakes
•    Drivers License Violations
•    Failing To Share The Road
•    Failing To Signal
•    Failure To Use Seatbelts
•    Failing To Yield
•    Failing To Yield To A Pedestrian
•    Failure To Surrender Your License
•    Failure To Produce Evidence Of Insurance
•    Failure To Produce Or Carry Insurance Card
•    Following Too Closely
•    Headlight Offences
•    Improper Driving In A Bus Lane
•    Improper Lane Change
•    Improper Opening Of Door
•    Improper Passing
•    Improper Towing
•    Improper Turn
•    Improper Use Of Divided Highway
•    Insecure Load
•    Obstructing Traffic
•    Overloading
•    Use Of Radar Warning Device
•    Improper Railway Crossing
•    Speeding
•    Stop Sign Infraction
•    Stunting / Drag Racing (Though many states are taking this more seriously of late, resulting in more serious consequences)
•    Traffic Light Infraction
•    Trailer Passenger
•    Unnecessary Noise
•    Unnecessary Slow Driving
•    Unsafe Move
•    Unsafe Or Prohibited Turn
•    Unsafe Vehicle
•    View Obstructed
•    Wrong Way On One Way
•    Obstruction Of View
•    Obstruction Of License Plate
•    Driving without an up to date Inspection Sticker

Major Tickets
•    Failure to Report Damage to Highway Property if you caused the damage
•    Speeding 6 MPH or more over posted speed limit
•    Failing To Report An Accident
•    All Insurance Offenses
•    Operating Your Own Motor Vehicle With No Insurance
•    Driving With No Insurance
•    Produce False Evidence
•    Driving In Contravention Of Restrictions
•    School Zone, Improper Passing Zone
•    School Bus, Improper Passing, Fail To Stop
•    G1 (Beginner’s License) Accompanying Driver’s Fail/Refuse To Provide Breathalyser
•    G1 Driver Unaccompanied By Qualified Driver
•    G1 Accompanied Driver Excess Blood Alcohol
•    G1 Driver With Out Front Seat Passenger
•    G1/G2 Drive With Excess Passengers
•    G1 Driver On Prohibited Highway
•    G1/M1 (M1: Beginner’s Motorcycle License) Driving At Unlawful Hour
•    M1 Driving A Motorcycle With A Passenger
•    M1 Driving A Motorcycle On A Prohibited Highway
•    Speeding in a construction zone is double the fines and points
•    False Statements of Insurance

Serious & Criminal Convictions
•    Driving While Intoxicated (DWI); typically characterized as a Blood Alcohol Level over .8. Also, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is typically a Blood Alcohol of .7 or higher. All of these, however, vary from state to state.
•    Careless Driving; Undue Care Or Attention (varies by degree)
•    Criminal Negligence
•    Dangerous Driving
•    Driving While Under Suspension
•    Failing To Obey Police (Some companies will not see this as chargeable)
•    Failing To Remain At An Accident Scene
•    Motor Manslaughter
•    Racing
•    Refuse Breathalyzer
•    G1/G2 drive with alcohol in blood
•    M1/M2 drive with alcohol in blood
•    All Serious Convictions; Can Be Unspecified

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