Car Windshield Insurance Program

Glendale car windshield replacement

Glendale Car Windshield Replacement & Repair accepts all insurance companies pricing arrangements so that there will never be any out of pocket expenses for you. We are accepted and approved by all insurance companies including: State Farm, Farmers, Kemper, Safe Auto, Safeco, Auto Owners, Progressive, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Esurance, Hartford and Nationwide. If you carry a $0 deductible glass waiver on your comprehensive insurance policy we will give you $50 Cash Back (at time of service) just for using Glendale Car Windshield Replacement.  In addition, for your security we will provide you with a lifetime car windshield replacement warranty that is good throughout the nation.

The following are a list of common questions that will be asked by your insurance company when filing a insurance car windshield replacement claim:

What is the name of the insurance policyholder? (The person listed on the insurance card) Some insurance companies will only take the claim from the policyholder listed.

Your insurance policy number? Please note: Some insurance companies (State Farm) has different policy numbers for each automobile listed.

What piece of glass is damaged? (Windshield, Door Glass, Vent Glass, Quarter Glass, Back Glass)

Was there any additional damage besides your car windshield? Please note: if the answer is yes, you may be required to pay your comprehensive deductible.

Was anyone injured as a result of of your car windshield damage?

Was there a claim filed with your insurance company? If you only spoke to your agent and no other damage occurred then there will be no claim number so the answer is no.

Date of loss? (When did your car windshield damage occur?) Please note: Your insurance company cannot pick the date for you. If you don’t know the date exactly, pick a time when you expect the damage could have occurred, when you first noticed it, or the date the break spread. Make sure you had coverage on this date. Also note: If you pick a date in the past (6 months or longer) your insurance company may have to archive the information and it may delay your claim.

In what state did the car windshield damage occur? Typically the answer is Arizona.

Is the damaged area on the car windshield larger than the size of a paper dollar bill? Please note: if the answer is yes, your insurance company will ask that you have the car windshield repaired versus replaced. It is still unclear who has the final say; You the Policyholder, Insurance Company, Arizona Department of Transportation, or the Windshield Repair Shop. Also note; that some insurance companies require random inspections before the windshield repair shop can receive authorization to do the windshield replacement.

Random Inspections: The reason insurance companies claim that they require random windshield inspections are to prevent fraudulent claims and to keep costs down for policyholders. Random inspections are conducted to verify that your car windshield is broken or broken beyond repair.

After the claim has been filed most insurance companies are able to verify the coverage at the time of reporting the car windshield replacement or repair claim and give the glass shop authorization to complete the work. However, some insurance companies must use an offline verification method because the (TPA) does not have direct access to policy information. In this case, the TPA will email your insurance company for coverage verification and then call you back at a later time. In these instances, they will not give us authorization to do the work until coverage has been verified. It typically takes about 24 hours for the verification process to take place. In an emergency situation, Glendale Car Windshield Replacement will call your agent directly to get coverage details.