Home & Business Window Tint

Window Tint Films ArizonaSolargard window tint films are the top of the line when it comes to solar control window films. These precision laminated coatings are designed and built using manufacturing methods and materials that result in longer life spans than other brands. In fact, Solargard products come with a full lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


Energy Saving From Window Tinting

There are many kinds of Solargard window films. Which one is best for a particular window depends on a number of factors. In homes in the Phoenix area the biggest concern is often blocking heat infiltration and keeping the building cooler. Window films block ultraviolet light that transports radiant heat into a room through windows.

Blocking this heat transfer by up to 79 percent, Solargard window films can significantly reduce air conditioning energy use and save money.
How much you will save on energy will depend on the size and number of windows, type of window construction, how much sun and shade the window receives, the orientation of the house, and which window film is applied.


Solargard Window Tint Films For Different Kinds of Windows And Reasons

Window film by Solargard has the highest heat blocking capacity. It also allows for a superior view out of the window by reducing glare and letting through large amounts of visible light. This is a great choice for large windows with views.

Solargard has the highest reflective coating. This is a popular choice in window film where reducing heat infiltration and privacy are both concerns. Solargard window films also come in a wide choice of colors that can add a decorative touch to a room and a building’s exterior appearance. Clear films are also available for maximum visibility.

Anti-Graffiti films are often used by businesses with street level windows. This tough coating thwarts vandal in their attempt to spray graffiti on window surfaces by interfering with the ink adhering to the glass. An anti-graffiti film can quickly pay for itself by significantly reducing cleanup time when windows are vandalized with graffiti.

Specialty window tint coatings are also often used by businesses. Interior clear glass partitions between offices and waiting rooms can be given a frosted or tinted appearance, increasing privacy for workers, clients, and customers.  A frosted glass look in an office interior also has an aesthetic appeal and adds to an atmosphere of professionalism in a workspace.

Safety and Security films are also made by Solargard. These tough films hold glass together if it breaks, preventing dangerous shattering. Security films are specifically designed for keeping intruders from having an easy time breaking a window or glass door for a forced entry. Safety and Security films give you peace of mind in your home and business.

Our experienced technicians can help you determine which Solargard window film is best for your windows and provide you with a free estimate if your home or business in the Phoenix valley area.