Insect ScreensWhile interior décor, curtains, blinds, etc. serve to spruce up the interiors of a home or an office, there is hardly any alternative to natural light when it comes to making the interiors comfortable. Leaving windows open may not really do well, as brightness and warmth from direct sunlight get unbearable at times, and most insects in the neighborhood turn up uninvited. Insect screens as well as sun screens are now gaining popularity, allowing inhabitants to secure the home or office interiors from insects and harsh light, while offering a great view of the exteriors and a whiff of fresh air.

Looking to replace or repair window screens? Take time to check out the different types of insect and sun screens available before investing in window screens this summer. Screen stores offer a range of Phifer screen options for both sun and insect control, depending on the space to be secured. While the interiors are well-protected by appropriate insect screens, larger open spaces such as a patio, porch or private pool side are best shaded by sun screens, without compromising on the views or natural settings. Several screen stores also offer screen repair services, apart from replacing existing screens or installing new ones based on the client requirements.


Sun Control ScreensPrivacy screens

Sun control screens are available in different types and sizes, tailor-made to fit window dimensions.  Phifer Suntex sun control screens, Phifer Solar Insect Screens offer the best ventilation while also reflecting, absorbing and dissipating up to 80 % of the sun’s heat, the main cause behind high energy bills during the summer months. Suntex is basically a polyester-based, vinyl-coated mesh that also keeps insects away from interiors, doubling up as an insect screen as well. The material is durable; does not fade under direct sunlight and can withstand rough use. Sun control screens also protect furniture and home furnishings from getting discolored when exposed to sunlight.
Suntex sun control screens are available in four standard colors and two weave densities. The removable window screen offers outward visibility, while cutting down on the heat and allowing free flow of air.

Roll down sun control screens are more suited to shade home exteriors from the heat of the sun.



Insect ScreensInsect screens

Insect screens are an ideal way to keep insects at bay while still managing to retain the view of the outdoors and keep the interiors well ventilated.

Screen stores ideally stock a range of Phifer insect screens to choose from. Metal screens are suited to protect the open spaces, while suntex screens best serve to maintain the décor of the structure.

• The strong Phiferglass Insect Screens are weather-resistant and a perfect fit for larger windows. Offering excellent ventilation and external visibility, these are available in different sizes.

• Phifer BetterVue Insect Screens are more effective in trapping smaller bugs and still allow the inhabitants to keep a watch on their surroundings.

• Phifer No-See-Ums Bug Screens are for those who require privacy and yet would like to stay in touch with the external environment.

• Aluminum Insect Screen, SeeVue Stainless Steel bug screen and the Bronze Screen made from a mixture of copper (90%) and zinc (10%) offer the best of durability, ventilation and bug screening. The bronze screen ages gracefully with time to attain a deep bronze color, adding value to the appearance of the structure.

Replacing old or worn out window screens or repairing damaged screens is now easy with help from Window Screen stores in the neighborhood. These stores often stock a variety of screens, offer installation and repair services, and also provide free quotes based on customer requirements.